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About Company

We are a young manufacturing company with a zeal to make a difference in society. We have Extended our work in Agriculture, Processing, Health Supplements, Ayurveda, ZORKO Eatery and some few Tech based Services in future.We are driven by a deep philosophy of Ethics & Trust.

Our team is backed by experienced people in diverse sectors and advised by a committed team of professionals.

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ZORKO Organics

To empower the farmers of India and to ensure their prosperity, ZORKO Private Limited through its brand ZORKO Organics aims to provide the right pay to Ann Data and Consumers also get good quality food at affordable prices.

ZORKO is a brand dedicated to bring the diversity that is smarter.
We bring Handpicked ingredients so powerful that you need just a few grams to feel an incredible difference .
ZORKO deals in B2B as well as B2C segment with its vast range of Organic Products & healthy products suitable for small kids to elderly people.

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How Ayurveda Works?

According to Ancient Scripture of Ayurveda, In every month there is
sanchayan(Accumulation), Prakop(Effect), Nishkasan(Removal) of vaat/pith/cough.
If we consume right raas (6 types,in which every edible things are classified) in right season it can help to stay fit forever.

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ZORKO Eatery

One fine day, Nahar brothers decided to give dinner party to their staff. The bill of the party for 6 people was more than Rs 3000 for Large Size Pizzas and Cold Coffee . This bill blowed their mind and they started calculating the cost of making those pizzas and Cold Coffee. They both Couldn’t sleep that night. Next Day, they went to different restaurants and Cafés trying to understand the market and within 15 Days, they opened their own cafe Suburban part of Surat, Gujarat.

ZORKO ventured into Quick Service Restaurant during the second COVID wave.
They Started selling Cold Coffee at Rs 25 , Burgers at Rs 29 ,Garlic Bread at Rs 59 and Pizza at Rs 59 .This was destructive market approach that make them overnight success !!

Great Quality

ZORKO serves a great quality of food for people of all ages.

Superior Taste

ZORKO offers a quality unmatchable.

Affordable Prices

Here in ZORKO we offer great quality food with very reasonable price.

Soothing Ambience

ZORKO Cafe has a very soothing ambience which helps you relax.

Meet Our Team

Anand Nahar

Amrit Nahar


Subodh Mohnot

I have tried almost all Food Brands of India n USA.. Trust me... ZORKO is the bestest and Most Affordable in all.. Out of my 40 Years Experience... I can definitely tell that ZORKO is the best 👍💯👍💯

priya verma

Very Nice work by team ZORKO in this Pandemic... ZORKO IMMUNITY BOOSTER is very tasty & has no Side Effects..great product

Suhel Umrawala

ZORKO is the new Era... dedicated team... doing great for farmers & consumers. Lage raho Zorko

Raju Bhatiya

Great Taste with Affordable pricing and Peaceful Place.

Karm Yogi

ZORKO is coming with Tech...great news...keep it up guys

Satvik Foods

It is Great to work with ZORKO, The ethical points of company are pretty strong.

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