ZORKO Pvt. Ltd.

"A Million Lives
A Thousand Farmers
A Hundred Memories
2 Brothers
1 Success."

Pandemic Became Startup Incubator !

ZORKO is an inspirational Entrepreneurial journey of Nahar Brothers ( Anand Nahar and Amrit Nahar) who dared to dream and execute big during the COVID-19 Pandemic time. When Youths of their age were busy doing Netflix and chill during the lockdown, Nahar brothers decided to utilize this time for a noble cause that touched more than 1 million lives. Both the brothers are engineering graduate with no formal education in business. Amrit Nahar has done his masters in Anthropology and dedicated two full years in learning about ancient Ayurveda and human consciousness while Anand Nahar is a SEBI Registered ® Research Analyst. There are only 760 such Registered ® Analyst in India 🇮🇳 .

Untapped Opportunities & Trends

In April 2020 ,the world was worried and businesses were on hold as there were no medical treatment to this dangerous COVID -19 Virus . The only way to fight the virus was Sanitzation, Mask and ancient Indian Homemade Kadhas. There was a problem in consumption of kadhas on regular basis . They created heat in body. To solve this problem, Nahar brothers with a team of seven doctors did intensive research and came with a product known as ZORKO Immunity Booster. It was a combination of 14 herbs in definite proportion.This worked for people and gave amazing results. Nahar brothers distributed thousands of packets to poor people. 

Hands On Hands

ZORKO Immunity Booster also got grant for R&D by AIC-ISE Foundation. They didn’t earn any money but earned name and fame. This recognition boosted them to do more in this field. They happened to meet some farmers at Chhattisgarh who told them they have some organic rice for which they don’t have any proper buyer . Nahar brothers thought of helping them by buying rice from them at good price. The quality of the rice was superb. Nahar brothers kept a whatsApp and Facebook Story stating the quality and price of the rice and if someone wanted they can buy from them. It was instant hit as the quality was fabulous at good price. The price was good because there was no chain of middleman. Nahar brothers started to enquire about Organic Products, their market size and probabilities. They researched and entered the organic space. They got to know the difference between raw and processed food. For example, Tomatoes are bought from farmers at 2-4 rs per Kg but when processed the ketchup is sold at Rs 80-100 per Kg in retail. They understood the gap and influence farmers to do food processing.
Thus, they ensure that farmers get right price, Customers get right price and ZORKO Private Limited also works profitable.

In between, ZORKO went on to receive support from G.E.C, Surat under Student Startup Innovation Programme, Govt of Gujarat for Sugar Free Candy Project and ZORKO also got incubated at India’s largest Agri-business Pusa, Incubator IGKV- RABI, Raipur, Chattisgarh.

Diversified Success

Today, ZORKO has presence in more than 5 States with 15,000+ clients connecting 700+ farmers and 45+ Products.

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Happy Customers

ZORKO, Brand of Food Lovers

All was going smooth, one fine day, Nahar brothers decided to give dinner party to their staff. The bill of the party for 6 people was more than Rs 3000 for Large Size Pizzas and Cold Coffee . This bill blowed their mind and they started calculating the cost of making those pizzas and Cold Coffee. They both Couldn’t sleep that night. Next Day, they went to different restaurants and Cafes trying to understand the market and within 15 Days, they opened their own cafe at Suburban part of Surat, Gujarat. They Started selling Cold Coffee at Rs 20 , Burgers at Rs 20 ,Garlic Bread at Rs 39 and Pizza at Rs 49 .This was destructive market approach that make them overnight success. 

ZORKO in less than 8 months entered to two different fields ( ZORKO Organics and ZORKO Cafe) . And also trying to enter in business of Information Technology.

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