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Anand Nahar

Education- B.Tech and SEBI Registered Research Analyst

A young boy who started to invest his pocket money in school days is now Youngest SEBI Registered Research Analyst in Gujarat.

Anand Nahar is Co-Founder of leading Investment company Gayatri Research & Investments. He is business mentor to many Firms and Individuals at National-International level. He was also Business Development executive in early days of Zerodha.
He is Fundamental and Technical Analyst, Writer, Commentator and Trainer who follows both Indian and US Markets. His Deep Knowledge about Financial Markets and his futuristic vision help the company to take any financial decisions easily and Happily.

He is highly skilled in marketing and Branding of the company. He is known in business circles for his accurate money management skills.

Amrit Nahar

Education-  Environmental Engineering and Masters in Anthropology 

An Engineer and Anthropologist by education turned into an Enthusiastic and Dedicated Entrepreneur !!

Amrit Nahar is an Entrepreneur,known in business circles for visionary skills and as a trustworthy person.
He have Management experience across Operations, Marketing & Sales, Cross-domain expertise across various fields and highly energetic person and he keeps the show going.

He had met and interacted with India’s best brains to understand Business and Life. He has a great circle of top successful people in various field. He has also closely worked with 100’s of Farmer and Entrepreneurs.

He had dedicated 2 Years to the authentic pursuit for the study, practice and dissemination of Human Consciousness and Ayurveda – based on the Madhyasth Darshan philosophy of Shri A.Nagraj at Manav Teerth, Chattisgarh, India which keeps tabs on the Ethical direction of the company.

Our Extended Family

We have a team of Doctors, Engineers, Farmers, Scientists, Researchers, Educationists, from villages, towns and cities across India; from small colleges to top notch institutes.

We are common in that we have an honest quest for the Growth, Success and a meaningful life.

Want to be a part of success by Joining Our Team ?

We always welcome Dedicated, Enthusiastic & goal oriented people.

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