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Organic Honey 500g


Benefits :

• Honey Contains Some Nutrients
• Antioxidant effects
• Antibacterial action
• Wound healing
• Relieving coughs
• Treating diarrhea
• Protecting the brain

Natural and wild honey.

100 percent certified organic honey, sourced from certified organic bee keepers across India, free from adulterants, natural flavour.

Honey offers a powerhouse of health benefits. According to Ayurveda, below are some of the health benefits offered by honey.

1) Honey penetrates deep into the body, improving bio-availability of substances taken with it. Hence, many Ayurvedic medicines are adviced to be taken with honey.
2) Honey also has natural anti-bacterial properties, and is useful to treat respiratory infections.
3) Honey is good for skin, vision, voice quality and digestive fire.
4) Honey is a great detoxifier, it cleans the inner channels of the body.

How to use
Honey may be added to cool drinks or foods such as milk, fruit or yoghurt. It may also be consumed with lemon, turmeric or ginger during periods of illness.

Precautions – Honey should not be heated or added to hot drinks. According to Ayurveda, heating honey creates toxins in the body.

It is our mission to change the way people think about food and healthcare, bringing simple Ayurvedic concepts back into your homes. With ethical practices and products, we are dependable partners to help you lead a pure, organic and healthy lifestyle.


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