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Organic Herbal Arjuna Tea Powder 200gm


Benefits :-

• Protect the heart
• Fight Lipid disorders
• Boost Energy & exercise perfomance
• Tackles high blood pressure
• Helps manage diabetes

Perfect replacement to your daily caffeine intake or a delicious spice blend to prepare the perfect masala chai!

Packed with the power of Arjuna, and spices which boost your health naturally! Arjuna is cooling and great for the skin.

Helps to strengthen the heart & improve aerobic performance, control cholesterol, reduce blood sugar and improve digestion – all at the same time!

How to use

Add 1-2 tsp to a glass of milk, add organic mishri (rock sugar) to taste and allow it to boil for a few minutes. Sieve and enjoy your Arjuna Tea. Arjuna Tea Masala can also be added to regular masala chai.

It is our mission to change the way people think about food and healthcare, bringing simple Ayurvedic concepts back into your homes. With ethical practices and products, we are dependable partners to help you lead a pure, organic and healthy lifestyle.


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