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Mahua Ladoos

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This Product is from India’s hidden exotic food treasure. This is very healthy and nutritious Ladoos made using Mahua fruits, Til or Amaranth, and Honey; additional fruits are added in variants.

One pack: 750 gms

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Out of stock

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Mahua tree is known to be a treasure of multiple medicinal properties, which can be used for the treatment for a large number of diseases. Flower extracts of Madhuca longifolia are used against heart diseases, leucorrhea, menorrhagia, polyuria, bronchitis, and tonsillitis. The bark of the tree is used for rheumatism, chronic bronchitis, diabetes mellitus, and bleeding. Mahua leaves are used as a medicine for rheumatism and haemorrhoids. Madhuca roots are highly effective against inflammation, diarrhoea and fever.


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