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Instant Ragi Dosa Mix 300gm


Instant Ragi Dosa Mix is a readily available recipe to make authentic and traditional dosa batter in minutes. Enjoy the traditional dish from Dakshin Bharat any time of the day!

How to use :

• Take the instant ragi dosa mix in a big vessel. And add 450 to 470 ml of water gradually.

• Mix well to make fine batter.

• Keep it a side for 15 minutes. more water if required. And mix well.

• Heat a dosa tawa or non a stick tawa.

• In a small bowl mix 5 ml oil and 200ml water. Dip small piece of cotton cloth to oil and water mixture and wipe hot tawa with damp cloth.

• Pour a small quantity of paste on the hot tawa, and spread it with soft hand, spread some ghee or butter on border of dosa.

• Once dosa is fried turn the dosa and fring little. Dosa is ready to serve.

• Repeat step no-5 before you spread new dosa on tawa to maintain tempreture of tawa.

Tips :

• You can spread chopped vegetable of your choice, potato bhaji, Chutney of your choice, on dosa.

• Serve dosa with coconut chutney and hot sambhar.

Ingredients :

Organic Suji, Organic Ragi Flour, Organic Urad Washed Split (Urad Mogar), Natural Rock Salt.


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